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I'm 64 years of age, average weight and height. About six several weeks approximately ago the small corporal grew to become rather uncooperative. Visited physician coupled with bloodstream work and checkup. Everything returned nearly as good, no health problems. Acquired a script for Levitra after studying many reviews had high wants my next date with my girlfriend. I required 20mg. Within the next three or four hrs and repeated attempts by my sweet girlfriend to obtain the corporal to salute I recognized it wasn't going to get results for me. Quite disappointed and never sure what direction to go with solving my problem.

Reported my first experience that was excellent early March. Subsequent encounters indicate it is most effective with higher visual stimulation & willing partner.. Since that time I have tried personally it two times - once whenever we remaining at a buddies - clearly much less visual stimulation as wife outfitted smart instead of overtly sexy. Did assist me to maintain erection but nothing beats very first time. I was a little apprehensive about next time so re-produced first experience and my spouse performed her part by going braless within the bar and restaurant as well as demonstrated some keg in a nutshell skirt and stockings. An execllent night with sustained lovemaking and three climaxes for me personally.

66yo with very attractive wife that I used to be having sex 2-3 occasions per week without getting erection problems most likely because of her great figure and her attempting to dress to tease and please. Problem of maintaining erections for over ten minutes began about 6mths ago and extremely caused concern which obviously began to affect on efficiency. Attempted Levitra 10mg yesterday the very first time - onset about 40 minutes and great erection achieved which lasted for 2 climaxes. Easily got hard again today.


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